Roquefort quiche

Nombre de personnes :
Temps de préparation :
Informations pour la cuisson :
Difficulté : Very easy
Coût : Cheap
Ingredient(s) :


500 gr. flour

1 tablespoon of baker’s yeast

4 eggs

250 gr. of lean bacon

4 dl.  single cream

75 gr. butter

150 gr. Roquefort cheese

Receipt :

Place the flour in a mixing bowl and the yeast in a well in the middle. Gradually add tepid salty water and knead to make a dough which rubs off the fingers easily. Cover with a cloth and leave to rise for an hour at room temperature. Knead again and rest for another 2 hours. Roll out pastry and line flan tin, leaving a little pastry over the edges. Sprinkle pastry base with flour. Add 5 or 6 small chunks of butter and the lean bacon, previously blanched in water and browned in butter for a few minutes. Mix the cream with the eggs and the mashed Roquefort cheese. Fill pastry with this filling and bake in the oven for 30 minutes.

From Emilie Vigouroux’s Recipes.