Celery and Roquefort cheese

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Temps de préparation :
Informations pour la cuisson :
Difficulté : Easy
Coût : Cheap
Ingredient(s) :

For 4:

200 gr. Roquefort Cheese

200 gr. butter

1 good-sized celery

Cayenne pepper

Receipt :

Discard the outer branches of the celery (keep for a soup); use only the very white branches at the heart of the vegetable. Wash thoroughly and cut into 5 cm. chunks. Wipe each chunk with clean kitchen roll. Mash the butter and Roquefort with a fork. Add a pinch of Cayenne pepper. Fill the hollow side of the celery branch with this mixture. Serve with pre-dinner drinks or with a selection of hors-d’oeuvres.

From Emilie Vigouroux’ Recipes.