Ville de Roquefort


Roquefort, a cheese, a village.



Roquefort in Aveyron, located at the bottom of the rock of Combalou and registered as Site Remarquable du Goût, is an unique village. Here, and only here, at the depths of the caves, the famous Roquefort cheese, First Appelation of Origin, is ripened.

Roquefort vu du ciel


A village

Roquefort is located in the Grands Causses Regional Natural Park. It is a village of 679 souls, and the altitude is 630metres -2066ft-. The cheese city clings precariously to the side of the Combalou Rock in the South of Larzac.
Even if Roquefort seems to be peaceful, it is also an industrial village where about a thousand people work to ripen the famous Roquefort cheese. The tradition dates back to a thousand years, and this secret is kept at the depths of its natural caves. Those caves are directly laid out in the slide rock of Combalou and measure 2km -1.24mi- long and 300m -984ft- wide

Map of Roquefort.pdf
Map of Roquefort during the works


Visit of caves

Laid out with overlaid levels, the caves are ventilated by faults called fleurines which keep up all year around a constant temperature between 8°C -46,4F- and 10°C -50F-, and a hygrometry of 95% thanks to water seepage caused by the rock slide. Roquefort breads slowly ripen in this natural environment made of stones and wood. You can visit the ripening caves all year long in order to discover the world of the mysterious King of the Cheeses.


Open: daily. Closed: 25th December and 1st January
* Last admission / possible change of opening times
Groups only on reservation (+ than 10 people)

Do not forget to come with warm clothes!


Visit of caves

493 K


Cheese sale

When you come for a walk through the village, do not hesitate to visit the seven makers in their shops. They really enjoy their job and will be happy to give you some advice and to help you to choose the Roquefort you like. If you feel like it, you can take back some souvenirs!

Photo roquefort - Papillon


8 bis, avenue de Lauras
Tel.: - Fax :
Open: daily (25th December and 1st January)
All year : 10am - 18pm
logo handicap
Photo roquefort - Société


Rue de la Créance
Tel.: - Fax : 05 65 58 57 17
Open: daily (except 25th December and 1st January)
All year long: 9.30am - 12pm and 1.30pm - 5pm
July / August: 9.30am to 7pm
Photo roquefort - Vernières Frères

Vernières Frères

Lauras ZA de Lauras, route de Tiergues
Tel.: - Fax :
Open from Monday to Friday: 8.15am - 5.30pm (Friday: 4.30pm)
Photo roquefort - Carles


6, Avenue de Lauras
Tel.: - Fax :
Open from Monday to Friday : 8.15am - 12pm and 1.15pm - 4.30pm
Photo roquefort - Combes Le vieux Berger

Combes "Le Vieux Berger"

Av du Combalou
Tel.: - Fax :
Open from Monday to Friday: 8am - 12pm
and 1.15pm - 4.30pm
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Photo roquefort - Gabriel Coulet

Gabriel Coulet

5-7 Lauras
Tel.: - Fax :
Open: daily (except 25th December and 1st January)
October to March: 9.30am -12.30pm and 1.30pm – 5.30pm
April: 9.30am -12.30pm and 1.30pm – 6.30pm
May / June / September: 9.30am – 6.30pm
July / August: 9am - 7.30pm
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Photo roquefort - Les Fromageries Occitanes

Les Fromageries Occitanes

Tel.: - Fax :
Open from Monday to Friday 8am - 12pm and 2pm - 5.30pm
(Friday: 5pm)
Map of Roquefort.pdf
Map of Roquefort during the works


Discovering and going for a walk

the Ladders path

Sentier des Échelles (the Ladders path) 


In the past, Combalou plateau was a place where the herd of ewes from Mas de Roquefort farm pastured. They spent there a large part of the year and reached the plateau by a 5km -3.1mi- long damaged path. Everyday, a worker from the farm brought to the shepherd his meal. He took a shortcut through the rock slide, along the side of the cliff, where two ladders stood. That is why it is called the Ladders Path.



1 – In front of the car park Tourism Information Office, walk up on a path along the cemetery. When you reach a tarmac road, turn on the right then on the left following the switchback road (pass the “Le Vieux Berger” business on the right). After 300m -984ft-, turn on the left to reach a house and a waterspout of drinking water.

2 – Take the little path going up on the right (on the left if you come from Tournemire) to the Combalou plateau. On the right, you can see the rock slide. Turn on the left and follow the path going up to the spring of the Aucelos (name of birds). Go on straight ahead to the Combalou plateau, and climb up the two ladders. When you reach the plateau, go between the sheepfold and the edge of the plateau. Go along the cliff and take the path in the pine forest. Then, go on following the marking. Turn on the left and start to go down.

3 – At the col des Aiguières (pass of the Aiguières), follow the direction to Roquefort going on straight ahead to the « Sotch de Balhols » (big fault), and go down to chapelle Saint-Pierre. You can go up the stairs on the left to the 
viewpoint indicator. At the pass, you can join Tournemire crossing the road: see option n°1 of the Trompette path. Go down the street of Créance to the Baragnaudes plaza. Go on in the street of the Baragnaudes which go up in front, and follow the direction of the Quilles (vertical monolith) of Baragnaudes. Pass in front of the Quilles, go along the cliff, and go down the stairs.

4 - Down the stairs, turn on the right, and immediately on the left to pass under a porch. You get the Avenue de Lauras which will lead you to your starting point:  the Tourist Information Office.


The good hiker advice



Do not forget to inform somebody when you decide to go for a walk. Tell the person where you want to go and what time you plan to come back. Make sure weather conditions are favourable.



Put on appropriate shoes. Your shoes must support your ankles to ovoid sprains. Take warm clothes with you; you might be surprised by the fresh evening air, even in summer!



Do not step back from the marked track when you cross private properties. Do not build fire, do not throw waste and do not camp out. Please respect wildlife, animals and cultures. Thank you… and have a good walk!


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