The 7 families of Roquefort

Carles, Gabriel Coulet, Fromageries Occitanes, Papillon, Société, Vernières, Le Vieux Berger. These are the seven manufacturers of PDO Roquefort. Each with its cellar, its exclusive strain of Penicillium roqueforti , its milk collection route from sheep breeders in the Roquefort area, its cheese dairy. Seven manufacturers, all brought together within the “manufacturers” college of the
General Confederation of Roquefort, serving a denomination whose tradition of excellence they perpetuate.

The oldest house of Roquefort PDO, since 1851. First producer and exporter.
Premier producteur et exportateur.

Lactalis Group

Slice of history
On February 25, 1851, ripeners and milk producers signed the founding act of the Civil Society of Cellars and Producers, which would become “Société”.

Its milk collection area
1,000 producers across the entire PDO area, from Larzac to the Montagne Noire, from Rougier to the Causse Comtal. The milk is delivered to two cheese dairies, in Saint-Affrique and Réquista in Aveyron.

Its production
10 000 tons per year.

Its logo
The name “Société” in white capital letters in its green cartridge. It is accompanied by the words “Since 1863”, the date of filing of this historic brand.

Slice of history

The caves of Combalou, thanks to their north orientation, have no equivalent. But for a long time, the peasants exploited cellars with fleurines on the edge of the causse, east of the village of Roquefort, sometimes dug by themselves.
They are called “bastard cellars”. In the 19th century, there were at least 102. Only two are still in operation, in Fondamente and Peyrelade, for the production of cow milk blue cheese.

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