Roquefort was the first cheese designation of origin in 1925. It is the only blue cheese made from raw sheep’s milk with a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).

You will never find a Roquefort made from cow’s milk, pasteurized, produced by industrial farms feeding their cattle with imported fodder. This will never happen, thanks to the PDO which prevents any fraud and imposes very strict conditions on the production of a Roquefort worthy of the name. For the sake of taste, it requires a terroir and an agriculture on a human scale in harmony with its environment.

PDO, guarantee of protection

PDO: Protected Designation of Origin. A European quality label, the PDO lays down the “ingredients” that preside over the manufacture of a product. A gastronomic PDO is a cradle of production, an irreplaceable terroir, a long-lived agricultural tradition, a carefully preserved recipe. It’s also a place and precious time. It is all this that one tastes by bringing a PDO to one’s lips. And as Roquefort is the first designation of origin, it is also this history, that of all the terroirs and know-how, that you will taste.

Roquefort, golden rules

A geographical area of production and milk collection

clearly delimited, in the heart of the Occitanie region, called the radius of Roquefort. This is the Roquefort galaxy, its “Milky Way”.

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